“A Royal Christmas Quandary”

Published by Swoon Reads, Oct 2020

This was a great story. I loved learning about the different Victorian parlor games they played and the history with the royal family. Hastings did a great job making it seem real and authentic. The characters were fantastic and I kinda want my husband to call me “liebling” which means darling or sweetheart.
George and Drina have been friends for a long time and both secretly/not secretly love each other with out the other one knowing it. And George is put in a tough situation by his father – to keep the prince of Hoburg happy or George is shipped off to Austria. Only problem is George can’t find the prince! He gets Drina to help and they run into their own trouble along the way.
So many great scenes from their escapades. This is was unrequited love, friends to lovers, love triangle type of book. Make sure to check out Samantha Hastings instagram page for more about the games!

By Leslie_G

I love books and anything bookish!

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