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Jonquil Brothers Series

From Sarah M. Eden’s website,

We are 8 days from the released of “Charming Artemis” which combines the Jonquil and Lancaster series but is also the start of the Hunteresses series. This is an important book for so many reasons!

I’m going to a mini review each book to get ready for its release! In preparation for the release, Covenant redid some covers on the books to have a more cohesive look: the Jonquil series has the thick ribbon along the bottom; the Lancaster series has the lace trim on top; and Charming Artemis has both to it. Its beautiful!

This is Book 0 to the series, Crispin, Lord Cavratt, isn’t a Jonquil but he’s such a good friend to the family that he’s an Honorary Jonquil. In this book you meet some of the family.

A marriage of convenience to avoid scandal. Catherine has been verbally abused in the past, so coming to learn to trust Crispin was beautiful and frustrating and realistic.

Book 1 starts with the eldest Jonquil brother, Philip, Lord Jonquil. The rest of the series follow the birth order of the brothers.

Philip is a dandy and ridiculous. Is there more to him? Sorrel is in enough pain that she won’t put up with frippery. They meet at a house party and swords/canes are drawn. Perfect enemies to lovers story. Sorrel tests Philip in banter and expectations.

The next brother is Layton.

The next brother is Layton. He has a daughter, Caroline, from his first marriage. His wife passed and left him a widower. He needs a governess for his daughter.

Marion is cheery and full of sunshine. Just what the sad house needs. She brings imagination back to Caroline and wins Layton over too. Layton’s home is near the Lampton estate so you see other family members too. And Caroline’s names for her uncles is so cute!

Corbin breeds horses, and he’s very quiet. It wasn’t an issue for him being in a large and loud home growing up. He’s also twins with Layton. But one day, a new member of the parish moves in and he’s interested. But he takes his brother’s advice in trying to get the lady’s interest. Poor Corbin 🙂

Clara needs a fresh start but she must be careful that her past doesn’t find her here. Que the Jonquil family to rally behind the downtrodden! A recurrent theme throughout the books.

Jason Jonquil is a barrister and a little to serious. His brothers tease him about it but he must be above reproach. Only when a beautiful but out-spoken woman enters his office and makes a fool out of him, he starts to live life more.

Mariposa is a force to be reckoned with! She is passionate for those in her circle, she met Stanley as a solider during the war and she knew she could trust a Jonquil but Jason can’t seem to speak coherently. This is a definite problem and in no way helpful to her own problems.

Stanley returns from war wounded. He wasn’t the same kid as when he left. But his family is so proud of him, he can’t let them see the weak Stanley. And Marjie, he’s loved her but she deserves someone whole.

Stanley has to examine what his life will be like after the war and who he’ll let in. The Jonquil family is large enough already.

Holy Harry always knew he’d follow the Church path. And his brothers’ teasing didn’t help but he always felt called to help and serve others. It’s not that he wouldn’t want a wife, but his living doesn’t provide for one. Sarah, once lived in the neighborhood when they were young, she’s now returned. Harry hoped they could have a future but he feels like he’s disappointed her by being so serious.

Sarah calls out Harry a few times on his behavior. Honestly I wasn’t super excited to read about Harry’s story throughout the whole series, he’s been pretty dull and pious, but this book is so fantastic and gives so much insight into the vicar.

In a few short weeks I’ll review “Charming Artemis” too! You can pre-order it now! Seagull Book has a box set with all the Jonquil books plus Charming Artemis AND bonus content, a family tree illustration and more!!

Releases October 4, 2021

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