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Happee Birthdae Harry

In the wizard of world of Harry Potter, today happens to be Harry’s birthday! I remember my friend Sarah loving Harry Potter in 6th grade. I didn’t read it until a year later but she always boasted about having the UK version which is Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (American is Sorcerer’s Stone). It… Continue reading Happee Birthdae Harry

Edenbrooke Book Quiz

Edenbrooke Quiz 1. Which wasn’t part of the ‘lethal combination’ that Philip declared after hearing of Mr.Whittles? A. Wet mouth B. Sweaty shiny face C. Creaky corset D. Twice the age 2. Mr. Beaufort has his hair done in which style? A. “Frightened Owl” B. Bedford Crop C. Brummell style D. Caesar Cut 3. What… Continue reading Edenbrooke Book Quiz

“Forget Me Not”

I love when books inspire me to paint! I love the Jonquil Family series with Philip as the oldest son to lead them (Regency) and this new series about the Jonquil parents (we love Mater but never got to know the father). This new era – Georgian takes place in the 1780s and was so… Continue reading “Forget Me Not”

“Saving Miss Everly”

You can never go wrong reading one of @authorsallybritton books! This was a fun take on a Regency. If you ever get tired of reading of balls and men dressed in cravats this is a nice shake up.⛵️Hope, secretly switched places with her twin sister Grace, to go to the Caribbean with neighbors. Grace never… Continue reading “Saving Miss Everly”

The Masked Baron

Andalin is basically forced to leave her father, her only family, to live with the infamous Dark Rider. His mask is the least of her misgivings when so many stories of his reputation plagued her mind. Ellis is grieving for the loss of his family and believes making Andalin his ward to help but she… Continue reading The Masked Baron


1 year ago I embarked on bookstagram for sharing reviews and I wanted to create a blog to spread the good news of books even farther! I’ve blogged before like 10 years ago…never with an consistency but writing book reviews is something I’ll continue to do because I’ll never stop reading. My plan for this… Continue reading Finally!