“Miracle Creek Christmas”

Published by Shadow Mountain Publishing, Sept 2020

I knew this had a Hallmarky feel to it but this was so much more! The characters felt real and had a lot of depth that most Hallmark movies miss (I haven’t read their books that they’re now publishing to know if that’s different).
Mark, known as the small hometown hero, can’t keep living life. He doesn’t know how in this new reality. He was a fireman and badly burned and lost his best friend. Why did he get to survive when his friend didn’t. And why is the town watching him for a nervous breakdown? He can’t get donuts without it being talked about.
Riley is used to picking up and leaving so often she doesn’t know where home is. She picked the small town of Miracle Creek, WA because an artist she liked lived there and they happened to need an art teacher. Hopefully her past in LA won’t hind her here.
After a school play, Mark, wearing a hood to hide his scarred face, tried talking to Riley about her artwork. Riley misread him and threatened him with a baseball bat. It took a while for her to agree to be friends and help him with a secret project.
Mark started to feel alive with friendship again from someone who didn’t know him before the fire. Riley can’t do anything more than friends because she’s going to leave again. Can they help each other and heal each other’s scars?
This book left me completely satisfied and happy and wishing it was Christmas instead of 90s in July. I can’t wait for this book to come out in September. I received an ebook copy from the publisher Shadow Mountain and Net Galley.
Plus I love I that it’s set in WA and I love going to Leavenworth.

By Leslie_G

I love books and anything bookish!


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