Ultimate Christmas Booklist Part 2

I worked with a friend to come up with this ultimate Christmas romance book! It covers YA – Adult part 1, some books are sweet clean romance and others have more mature content so make sure to look them up! I’ll link the books I’ve read with my review and I hope to one day read all these! There’s never enough time.

Now its time for Historical fiction! It always seems like an easier time to focus on the holidays and each other. So many fun traditions to do from getting the yule log, decorating and mistletoe, even Twelfth Night.

This is like the tip of the iceberg of lists too. There’s hundreds and thousands of Christmas fiction and romance books out there. If you click on one link (I’m not an Amazon affiliate so the links are just to be helpful, I get nothing out of it) and you’ll be lead down the rabbit hole of more and more books!

Historical Fiction

A Duke For Lady Eve *see review here

Her Silent Knight *see review here

A Country Christmas

A Christmas Waltz

Penny’s Yuletide Wish

-How The Duke Saved Christmas

Winter Collection

A Royal Christmas Quandary *see review here

The Earl’s Mistletoe Match *see review here

Nine Ladies Dancing *see review here

All Hearts Come Home For Christmas *see review here

An Ivy Hill Christmas *see my review here

A Yorkshire Carol

A Yuletide Regency

Meet Me Under The Kissing Bough *see review here

A Mistletoe Mismatch

A Sleigh Ride Kiss

The Christmas Heirloom *see review here

The Christmas Foundling

The Hope Of Christmas Past

The Joy Of Christmas Present

The Peace Of Christmas Yet To Come

Goodwill For The Gentleman

A Wish For Father Christmas

A Hopeful Christmas *see review here

All Is Mary And Bright *see review here

There are so many good books out there! There’s no way to compile them all together. What would add to these lists?

By Leslie_G

I love books and anything bookish!

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