How to Make A Tiny Bookshelf

A few months ago, some of my favorite authors did an author signing and tea in Idaho. I was not there but I loved the pictures I saw. It was held at a library and for the table centerpieces, a tiny bookshelf with the author’s published books were there. Those that helped the event and the authors were able to keep it. Many wanted to purchase it but we’re denied.

Tiny bookshelf from the event was my inspiration

I asked a few questions to Esther Hatch and she supplied the picture. The bookshelf and items were 3D printed. The tiny books were printed and glued onto wood pieces (I believe).

I don’t have access to a 3D printer so I went to my local craft store to see what I could find.

I found this tiny shadow box for $1 and glued popsicle sticks inside.

I printed book covers I wanted to use (on Canva) and estimated the size. I wasn’t even sure how big it was. *For the future, I would space out the covers more so that there is enough paper to wrap around the craft board I bought.

I cut out the cover (leaving paper on the left to be the spine and back cover), colored the back cover lightly to go along with the front cover. Even if that’s not really what is on the back. I folded the paper where I wanted the creases, then traced the size I needed in the craft board.

Use an exacto knife to cut it out and glue inside.

Size comparison to my Bubly drink. Each book is 1 inch tall.

I made an Instagram reel with a few of them. Check it out here

That’s it and repeat as much as you want. I do plan on making mine a bookend. The shadow box is light and easily falls over – books too – so I’ll continue to play around with it to see what’s best. Let me know if you find a different way to make your own tiny bookshelf!

By Leslie_G

I love books and anything bookish!

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