How to Make A Tiny Bookshelf

A few months ago, some of my favorite authors did an author signing and tea in Idaho. I was not there but I loved the pictures I saw. It was held at a library and for the table centerpieces, a tiny bookshelf with the author’s published books were there. Those that helped the event and… Continue reading How to Make A Tiny Bookshelf

Happy National Author’s Day

Happy National Author’s day! I feel so blessed to follow and come to know so many authors that I can call them friends. They are so kind and giving. So go show an author some love!!🖊Here’s how!☑️ Buy their book! If paperback is too much you can buy an ebook.☑️ Review their book! Don’t just… Continue reading Happy National Author’s Day

How to Make Silhouettes

When I read about silhouettes in Joanna Barker’s regency “Romancing Her Rival” book, I love when books inspire creativity! Whether it’s by baking, crafting, photography, writing, journaling, sending a card or letter – so many ways to be inspired and to create! I quickly searched Pinterest in learning how to make some. Minus the whole… Continue reading How to Make Silhouettes

Huntington Beach series

So funny story – last week my family went to the coast and met up with my brother-in-law’s family. My boys were excited to play with their cousins that they hadn’t seen in forever (thanks Coronavirus) and I knew the perfect books to bring for a picture! My bro and sis-in-law looked at me like… Continue reading Huntington Beach series

Book Lovers Day

To celebrate Book Lovers day today I did a few rainbow bookstacks from two of my favorite publishers. Both of these publishers produce quality work that is also clean wholesome romance. The first book in the Proper Romance line is “Edenbrooke” and from then I found the Jonquil family books by Sarah M. Eden published… Continue reading Book Lovers Day

Happee Birthdae Harry

In the wizard of world of Harry Potter, today happens to be Harry’s birthday! I remember my friend Sarah loving Harry Potter in 6th grade. I didn’t read it until a year later but she always boasted about having the UK version which is Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (American is Sorcerer’s Stone). It… Continue reading Happee Birthdae Harry


1 year ago I embarked on bookstagram for sharing reviews and I wanted to create a blog to spread the good news of books even farther! I’ve blogged before like 10 years ago…never with an consistency but writing book reviews is something I’ll continue to do because I’ll never stop reading. My plan for this… Continue reading Finally!

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