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“Vying For The Viscount”

Published Aug 2020 by Bethany House

This was such a fun book! I have read some of KAH’s work with the Hawthorne series and it was fun to see some familiar characters.
I’ve read a lot of regencies but none that take place in Newmarket where the horse races are. At least none that immediately come to mind so it was fun being in a new place.
Poor Hudson. He’s loved his whole life in India waiting until he can become the Viscount. Once he learns of his grandfather’s death, he’s on the first boat back. Only life on sea doesn’t agree with him. 🤢He’s happy to finally put both feet on land again and can’t wait to see the famed stables of the racehorses his grandfather raised. Only when he’s admiring the horses, he’s attacked by a petite and very real mad woman.
Best meet cute for miscommunication! Bianca is often looked over in life. She’s okay with it until her stepmother is determined to marry her off to a man she abhors. The man in question mistreats his horses. Now she’s trying to clear her mind of her troubles when a shabby man comes to the stables. No grooms are about so it’s her job to scare the miscreant away.
Gossip quickly buzzed that the new viscount has come to town. And to Bianca’s utter horror, she knows him. He’ll solve all her problems but he has his sight set upon another.
This was a great friends-to-lovers, love triangle trope. It had perfect moments of happiness and banter, swoon and grace from God.
I can’t wait for the next book to see the characters again and to see Aaron’s story. He was a perfect side character. They all are – I also need a story about Lord Brimsbane and Rigsby!


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