“Jill Came Tumbling”

Book description:

They say, “quit while you’re ahead.” I just quit because I’m in love…with my boss.

I’m Jill, a restaurant server and secret admirer of The Clumsy Goat’s manager. In my defense Owen O’Dell wasn’t in charge when I got hired. He WAS the sweetest, handsomest, funniest, most est son of the owner.

But after the job took its toll on his dad’s heart, Owen stepped up, then committed to bachelorhood. That way he’d never subject anyone to the stress his dad put his family through.

I can’t stick around Apple Valley, pining for a man who’s off-limits. Owen can’t let his dad think he’s failing because I quit. Solution? Pretend to be a couple so the no-dating policy is the reason everyone thinks I’m leaving.

Being Owen’s fake girlfriend probably won’t kill me.
Just don’t tell that to my heart.

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My review:

This was such a cute novella! This is the first book by this author I’ve read and I hope to read more. The small town was charming just like Jill in the story. She’s a bit clumsy just like the name of her employment, The Clumsy Goat.
She’s worked there for 8 years, with some serious unrequited love to her boss Owen. He asks her to fake date and Jill loves and hates it. Knowing she couldn’t pretend, so she decides she needs to move.
This felt like a full complete story and I was cheering on both main characters. Obviously I wanted more and for the story to be longer but I felt the emotional pull for Jill and Owen.
I got this ebook free from Profilic Works and you can too for 1 year! Just sign up with them and find it under sweet and swoony romance. No review was required. These are my own thoughts and opinions.

By Leslie_G

I love books and anything bookish!

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