“Bargaining For The Barrister” Blog Tour

Published by Covenant Communications March 2022

Book description:

Louisa Cox is tired of fortune hunters pursuing her dowry. So when Lady Kellen offers to help her find an eligible suitor, Louisa eagerly accepts and makes a list of what she wants in a husband. The man selected is barrister Paul Sheldon. He may be a complete stranger, but he has one thing in his favor: he is unaware of her fortune. What Louisa did not anticipate was his curious behavior—or being so attracted to him.

When Paul catches wind of the matchmaking organization his mother and her friends are establishing, he pities the fellow who will be caught in their scheme—until he realizes he is to be their first victim. Horrified, Paul determines to thwart his mother’s plans by whatever means necessary. After meeting his intended, however, his increasing desire to be near her threatens to disrupt his convictions. Louisa is everything he could want in a wife, and when an unexpected adventure sets in motion the very plan he had determined to halt, he almost wishes his mother’s plot could succeed. But Paul harbors a secret and a past that make it impossible for him to give Louisa the life she deserves.

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My review:

I couldn’t put this book down! I love matchmaking stories with forced proximity. Louisa comes to Rothbrier Hall to meet Paul. Only Paul is unsuspecting of a match. He’s a barrister and a poor one at that. His mother and best friend’s mother meddle into his affairs, believing it’s time he settle down.
The meet cute was hilarious. Poor Paul and Louisa. It was a great metaphor for them 😂 Up and down, falling and flailing at times. 🥴
I loved getting to know the side characters and the musical club 🎉 This book had dual POV, pasts full of grief, mourning, letting go and letting God (one of my favorite sayings), hope and faith, great chemistry and tension!
I love all of Anneka’s books and I think this quickly became my favorite! It’s a great book to start off what will be a promising and entertaining series of more matches. Better call the Rebels and alert them of the news!
I received an arc copy from the publisher and Net Galley. These are my own thoughts and opinions. It’s beautiful cover and story definitely deserves a spot on your shelf.

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