“Winning The Gentleman”

Published April 2021 by Bethany House

Book Description:

Aaron Whitworth hasn’t had control over most aspects of his life, but he’s always taken pride in being an honorable businessman and better-than-average horseman. When both of those claims are threatened, he makes the desperate decision to hire the horse trainer of a traveling circus as a temporary jockey for his racehorses.

Sophia Fitzroy knows that most horsemen don’t take her seriously because she’s a woman, but she can’t pass up the opportunity to get away from the tumultuous world of travel and performing. As she fights for the right to do the work she was hired for, she learns the fight for Aaron’s guarded heart might be an even worthier challenge.

As secrets come to light, will Aaron and Sophia’s past vulnerabilities be an insurmountable stumbling block, or will they sacrifice their former dreams and forge a new one together?

My review:

I loved the first book and I was intrigued with this book being about Aaron.

Aaron isn’t technically a gentleman, as he tells anyone-he’s illegitimate, but the truth of his birth always pushed him to make the best of his lowered status. He always acts with honor and is a gentleman whether London sees it or not. And he doesn’t go back on his word.

So when he mistakenly finds out the new jokey he hired is a woman…he wrestles with himself many times to stay true to his word and lets her try and race. Little did he know that would be the first wrestling he’d do. The little faerie turned jokey has upended his life.

Sophia has grit. Life has treated her unfairly and she doesn’t stop trying to better her circumstances. Even when many “gentlemen” sneer and insult her and her employer for letting her race, she keeps her chin held high.

I really loved the growth that Sophia and Aaron go through. I love seeing all the friends together and can’t wait for the rest of the books in the series!

Thank you to the publisher and author for the copy of the book. These are my own thoughts and opinions.

By Leslie_G

I love books and anything bookish!

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