“The Ebony”

Published Aug 2021 by Cedar Fort

My review:

Jane is on her way to England from India when they stop in St Helena after a nasty storm. It was just supposed to be for a few weeks but French frigates in the waters makes her stay longer. Jane makes friends with the locals and it’s a great cast of characters. One in particular is the captain of The Ebony.
Captain James is such a swoon worthy hero. He recuses Jane – a few more times then she’d like. And he’s just such a great guy. The picnic and basket and the race. James is the best! 😍
Jane is okay – I don’t particularly love her or hate her. She just is. She wants to be a surgeon like her uncle but that would cause a scandal so Jane is just passing the time with friends until they continue their journey to England. 💁🏻‍♀️ I love Thomas and Jenny. I definitely want stories about them.
This does have an assault so that could be a trigger for some. Jane is brave and takes matters into her own hands. Thanks to her uncle’s work as a surgeon, she doesn’t shy away from blood.
Also this ends on a cliffhanger which I wasn’t expecting. As it takes place in 1795 it isn’t a Regency either. But I love the cover 😍
This book released this week. Thanks to the author for a copy of the books. These are my own thoughts and opinions. This is a new to me author and I will definitely read more to see how the story ends.


1795 Jane Sawyer enjoyed everything India had to offer. Having lived there since the death of her parents, the beautiful country had become her home. However, when her uncle accepts a position at Oxford University, her life takes an unexpected turn. From a treacherous storm that delays their journey, to recovering at an island where she almost drowns, Jane wonders if this is a foreshadowing of hard things to come. 

But her thoughts begin to lighten when she discovers that the island holds more adventure than she could imagine. With fate’s twists and turns, and encouragement from a handsome captain, who comes to aid her on a few unfortunate occasions, Jane uncovers inner strength she didn’t know she had. 

As enemy ships stalk the island’s shores, only destiny can decide Jane’s future with love and war.

By Leslie_G

I love books and anything bookish!

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