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“The Austen Escape”

Published by Thomas Nelson 2017

My review:

This is a 3.5 ⭐️

I had started this in June and read the first 100 pages really fast. But then I wanted to save to read it in July for Jane Austen July. And didn’t pick it back up until the end of July 🙈

This book wasn’t quite what I was expecting. I read Dear Mr Knightley and that was a different laid out book too. I feel like not everything is resolved. Clearly there were a lot of issues with Isabel and I don’t know if the air had been truly cleared. For Mary to be called SK (sidekick). There’s a lot there.

I feel like this was more being told than shown. Apparently MARY and Nathan have worked for a year and they both liked each other but we never see anything- there were hints at the beginning of it – but for Nathan to fly to England and then how quickly they said I Love You, seems fast.

I was expecting it to be like Austenland and have the RomCom kind of reenactment of regency times but it hardly touched on that. The characters there still were called by their real names half the time.

Then it had a lot of her work stuff which I couldn’t remember when I started to read it in June.

Overall I liked it but I don’t feel satisfied – there were parts as a reader we didn’t get to experience. I do want to read more by Reay because the covers and titles are so appealing. Plus I love Jane Austen and retellings or JA fiction so I am there for it!



By Leslie_G

I love books and anything bookish!

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