“Love & Lavender”

Published by Shadow Mountain Publishing

My review:

I love Kilpack’s work and this series with Uncle Elliot coming up with inheritances encouraging each family member to marry for love. These books can be read out of order but I think reading in order is best as past book characters are mentioned (but you don’t be lost if you hadn’t read it).

This book is about Hazel (we met her brother Harry in book 3 – that was a doozy! He had found himself in quite a pickle). 😵‍💫 But Hazel has a club foot which definitely hinders her in a society built upon looks. I appreciated that she had a disability and how strong she was, to be in chronic pain. Her growing up years had hardened her heart and she never thought she’d marry for love until Uncle Elliot’s inheritance.

Duncan is an accountant, he likes math and numbers and how it always makes sense. He can’t figure out subtext and nuances in conversations with people. He would be labeled autistic but they didn’t have a term for that. He would’ve been in a home for kids but through many people’s kindnesses and love for him, raised him to deal with his eccentricities. He’s displeased with his coworkers and Uncle Elliot’s inheritance would let him be his own boss.
They strike up a marriage of convenience to both cash in on their inheritances. They just have to live together a year.

Both of these characters are very complex. At times it made them unlikable. Duncan tries his hardest to make the marriage work but Hazel won’t budge or will manipulate to get what she wants. She understands Duncan and how his mind works to a degree but believes he can’t feel anything. It’s hard to like her a lot.

But I kept reading for Duncan. The romance is slow but sweet.

There were plenty of random facts throughout because they would discuss everything under the sun, and plenty of almost cringey breaks in etiquette (Duncan and his enthusiasm for some things😂) but a unique love story where two unlikely characters come together and build a life.
This book comes out in November. Thank you to the publisher and Net Galley for the arc copy. These are my own thoughts and opinions.


By Leslie_G

I love books and anything bookish!

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