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“The Nabob’s Daughter”

Published by Vagabond Publishing

This book was so fun and had me laughing so much at the beginning that I had to read it out loud to my husband and he laughed too. 😂
Honora was born in England but only knows India as her home. Her father tells her of her arranged marriage to a desperate lord in England who only wants her dowry. She’s placed on a ship and that’s the end of it. She doesn’t do well traveling and is miserable. On the voyage, she plots every possible way to return back to India. If the marriage contract is broken then what’s keeping her there? Definitely not the handsome man who’s to be her fiancé. She puts on a mask to put everyone off only it doesn’t work out as well as she planned.
“I’m never certain of anything when it comes to you, Nora.” She beamed up at me, apparently pleased with the chaos she’d brought into my life. “You make it sound as though that’s a bad thing.”
There are so many things I love about this book! Arranged Marriage with the forced proximity, stubborn and headstrong young woman, how Honora helped bring Indian culture to the dinner party, facade and I wasn’t expecting the mystery of the finances. There were some twists at the end and I could see this ending multiple ways. And I loved Graham and Nora together.
“Would you like my assistance in removing any sand?” 😂
Honora finds her place in the world, she’s not just the nabob’s daughter but she’s also a friend, smart and kind. It takes her a while to right her wrongs and to convince herself she’s worth it.

I loved painting Honora’s dress!

Book description:

She’ll do anything to escape an arranged marriage. He’ll do anything to help her.

Honora Crauford relishes her life in India. So when her father informs her of his latest business transaction—marrying her off to a bankrupt nobleman in England—her only hope for returning home is to convince her betrothed, by whatever antics necessary, that a marriage to her comes at a cost that not even the greatest fortune can justify. 

Graham Whitworth can hardly believe his wretched luck. It seems the only way to save his family’s insolvent estate is to comply with his father’s demands and marry the extremely wealthy, but utterly ridiculous, nabob’s daughter. But when Honora missteps, Graham discerns her farce and begins to see who she truly is—a most impressive lady. A lady likely capable of fixing his family’s financial troubles. 

Realizing they both desire freedom, Graham and Honora join forces to restore the Whitworth estate and return Honora to her beloved India. But sometimes love has its own agenda, and the revoking of a once undesirable arrangement may just prove to be the greatest sacrifice of all.


By Leslie_G

I love books and anything bookish!

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