“The Man Ban”

Published by Berkley July 2021

My review:

I saw this on Net Galley and was drawn in by the beautiful cover and the title. Luckily I wished for it and my wish was granted! I was quickly interested in the story right from the beginning.
This is a new to me author. I thought she did a great job of bringing realistically flawed people together. Manny and Harper’s relationship seemed authentic to me. I didn’t know how it would end and both overcame a lot emotionally.
Harper is a food stylist- she takes the fancy foodie pictures and sets up food too. She’s at her bff’s wedding as a maid of honor and styling the food when she meets a cocky groomsmen. Good thing she has a man ban going on and isn’t tempted by him. She needs to go get something from her car and finds the once sauve groomsmen who almost charmed her – follows her…she has to fight back and what’s in her arsenal? A can of whoop-ass. She brings that in sass and snark 😎 oh and you’ll want to eat all the Indian food mentioned 🤤🤤
Manny has a perfect life – high profile job as a doctor, good looks and charm to be with a new women every night if he wishes. But he’s at another wedding in which his grandma harps on him to get married before she’s dead. I loved the drama of “Indian Matchmakers” on Netflix and his grandma isn’t saying to marry just anyone! They must be Indian, get in well with the family, etc. Except the only woman to interest him in a long time knows her way around a whip cream nozzle.
This had steamy scenes and a lot of talk about sex and language. I thought it was really interesting how a character had vitiligo which is an auto-immune disease where cells stop producing pigment in skin, resulting in various colored patches of skin on the body.
I would definitely read more by Marsh and want to look up her other books. This book comes out in July by Berkley. Thank you to the publisher and Net Galley for an advanced copy. These are my own thoughts and opinions.

By Leslie_G

I love books and anything bookish!

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