“The Best-Laid Plans”

Published 2021 as an ebook by Covenant Communications

Basically all you have to say is “Sarah M Eden” and I’m on board!
This was a sweet novella which I was fortunate to win a paperback copy of. It’s only being sold as an ebook right now.
Elfrida aka Ellie, has a strained relationship with her family and it’s not just because they named her Elfrida. 😅 But sadly she feels they’re never proud of her, they always scold her and she’s learned it’s easier to be quiet than be herself.
Her family travels to Bath for some society and her parents encourage Ellie to go for the last remaining Jonquil available-Charlie. He was disinterested with Ellie’s older sister last year. Ellie becomes friends with Charlie’s nemesis Artemis Lancaster. Artemis is true to her name and protects others. But Artemis is also the Goddess of the hunt. So Artemis and her friends call each other the “Huntresses”. Which is to set up a new series!! 🎉🎉
But somewhere along the way, Ellie finds herself in a fake courtship with Newton Hughes. And Ellie’s plan to be invisible and quiet doesn’t seem right anymore.
In 135 pages Sarah packs a full story in here. You cheer for the hero and heroine, you can’t wait for more and it makes you want to re-read every book! That’s a special thing. 😍

By Leslie_G

I love books and anything bookish!

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