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“Refining The Debutante”

Published March 2021 by Covenant Communications

I love Walker’s books and was excited for this story.
Miranda has it all. A man on her arm, beauty and fashion and a mouth to go with it. Too bad no one else sees her charm. When Ethan, said man, takes her to a party to introduce his friends to her, she effectively puts her foot in her mouth to the point of cringeworthy. 😬 It was hard to like Miranda at the beginning. It reminds me of the Friends episode where Monica dates a man who writes a poem about an empty vessel. (Anytime a book reminds me of favorite tv shows/movies is always fun!)
Soon her circumstances change and she is at her unknown uncle’s doorstep only to be made to earn her living there. No one to turn to except her maid Sarah. Sarah is fantastic and a hoot!
Miranda, not happy with how life has panned out starts to see where she could’ve done better but she still misses Ethan. Fate cruelly tortures her as he appears and happens to see her in threadbare clothes and mud. Fan-freaking-tactic. And he’s paying attention to a perfect lady. Something Miranda clearly never was or will be.
This was a wild ride seeing unlikable Miranda grow and change. It’s never easy asking for help or letting others help you without it feeling like charity. But charity is the pure love of Christ, and Miranda questions if God is aware of her. It takes true humility and action to change.
This book has second chance romance, love triangle (square?), forgiveness, kindness, great quotes, growth and characters. I love Lady Callister.
Thank you to the publisher for a copy of the book for an honest review. These are my own thoughts.


By Leslie_G

I love books and anything bookish!

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