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“The Enemy”

Self published Aug 2020

We read this for book club and it was so fun! Perfect enemies to lovers with pranks. Kind of a second chance romance too with commitment phobia. This can be read as a stand alone from “The Match”.
June co-owns a donut shop with her bestie Stacy. Stacy is getting married and moving. So June, a tad dramatic and a flair for southern charm and sass, is the maid of honor. To her horror, Ryan aka the enemy, is the best man.
Ryan wanted to return sooner and see June but he couldn’t face her. What if the idealized version of her didn’t hold up to the real life tiny fierce one?
I really liked their chemistry and their struggles were realistic. A few times I was getting mad at Ryan for not listening to June when she’d say to leave. Yes she’s stubborn but he was a little too forward letting himself into her home.
Now I want donuts and pretzels 🤤 there were swoony kisses, wet shirt/shirtless man. June was hilarious. Can’t wait to read the next book by Sarah.


By Leslie_G

I love books and anything bookish!

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