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“Manor For Sale, Baron Included”

Indie published by author, releases Feb 25th

Okay here’s what I’ve come to expect from Esther’s books:
❤️ Sweet beautiful romance that makes you gush
😂 funny LOL moments that are whimsical and perfect for the characters
💋well written kissing scenes that will knock your socks off but is still clean and not cheesy
👩🏼 strong female character that knows what she wants and doesn’t left anything stop her
👱🏼‍♂️ a proper gentleman that is a swoon-worthy hero. Muscles and shirtless/tight wet shirt preferably at least once. 😉

It sounds too good to be true, right? Wrong. Esther delivers this and more.

Sally is ready for life to slow down once she buys an estate for her and her sister. When she shows up for the signing, the solicitor has a bodyguard there. Odd but not completely unfounded. Only when she’s at her new home does she realize a man is swimming in her pond!

She can’t have subordinate servants so she sets to getting the man out only she’s seen him before.

“I didn’t realize when I bought the home a baron would come with it.”

Jonathan needs money and his solicitor suggest selling his mother’s estate. It’s the only one not entailed but he can’t part with it. All of the memories, the garden and library. But he agrees because he knows he can’t afford the upkeep. Once he finds out that the buyer is a women and not old but beautiful- he gets the idea to marry her. Then the estate will become his again. Now he just needs to woo her and all will go according to plan.

“Young ladies liked flowers and sweetmeats, not wild game.”

I loved the banter and chemistry between Sally and John. And I loved Victoria too. Sometimes Sally was driving me crazy but she was piecing together a complex puzzle with only a few pieces. I appreciated that this book included a character with a disability and that they weren’t treated any differently. And this cover!! 🤩🤩

Thank you to Esther for the arc copy in place of an honest review. This comes out Thursday! @authorestherhatch

There’s a hideous and hilarious description of a vase. It was so fantastic I hade to make my own. 😂

Wouldn’t that look great sitting on your mantle? 😅😎


By Leslie_G

I love books and anything bookish!

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