“The Match”

Indie published May 2020
Yesterday I totally had butter out softening in preparation to make cookies when I started this book and read this quote. 😆

I’ve read Sarah’s historical books but not her contemporary romance books and I’ve heard great things about it. But it kept going on and I put it off because I was scared that I wouldn’t love it as much as it’s hyped up. Does that ever happen to you?
Evie has epilepsy and lives on her own with a service dog. Her parents haven’t forgiven her for living their wealthy lifestyle. But Evie can’t stand the manipulation. Can’t her parents just love her for being her? Luckily her life is filled with love in friends and her dog. She gets a lot of satisfaction in her job matching service dogs to children who need them.
She’s on the way to a coffee shop to meet with a new client. Only he doesn’t want to meet her and insults her. Never mind his steely blue eyes see her as nothing more than an annoying car salesman. She doesn’t need him for commission.
Jake isn’t normally a jerk but life hasn’t been going his way when his wife left him and their daughter. His daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy and he hasn’t slept well in 6 months. Or that his daughter went behind his back to set up a meeting with someone.
I’m happy to say that this book lived up to the hype! I couldn’t put it down and loved the depth and emotions of the characters. I even cried a little! This book deals with disabilities and focuses on epilepsy. When I worked at the movie theater as a 20 something (best job ever!!) one of my coworkers had an epileptic episode. It was scary because we didn’t know what to do but they were in a same place. And last year I met with a local volunteer group that trains service dogs. It was so amazing! The things that dogs are trained to do is mind blowing and how the can pick up changes in our body is incomprehensible. So I really loved this book for many of its aspects.
It was fairly predictable but I didn’t care. And can Jake really be so drop dead gorgeous with a 6 pack if he never sleeps and we never hear of him working out? Sure 😂 That’s something that would totally bug me but I can’t say I’m even upset about it 😂
Can’t wait to read the next book in the series. And seriously- don’t put off reading this book. 😉

By Leslie_G

I love books and anything bookish!

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