“The Christmas Heirloom”

PublishedOct 2018 by Bethany House

I listened to this an audiobook and it was so sweet and full of Christmas hope and love.
I loved how the stories were connected by the amethyst brooch and the women were related to each other. It starts in England in the early 1800s and through each story, it skips a generation and ends in contemporary time.
It’s so hard to pick a favorite! Each character and their story was all unique.
Kristi Ann Hunter’s “Legacy of Love” starts it off where Sarah is a lady’s companion. Through her story of finding love, receiving the brooch and setting off for America.
Karen Witemeyer “Gift of the Heart” Ruth and her daughter Naomi come out west for a job. Her husband passed away and they needed a fresh start. Only thing is she doesn’t have the funds to pay the first month rent on their cottage. The landlord won’t budge but she offers her brooch as collateral until she can pay it off. The man seemed to cold and unfeeling, not coming to her plight but things change over their acquaintance.
Sarah Loudin Thomas “A Shot at Love” Fleeta would rather shoot and hunt than learn to be a proper young lady. It start at the annual Thanksgiving Turkey shoot and she has competition of a timber man. Fleeta has the chance to get her own store and uses the brooch as collateral. She doesn’t need it to find love because she doesn’t want to get married.
Becky Wade “Because of You” Maddie is in love with her best friend’s husband. She always liked him but since that chance meeting where her friend saw him first- her friend passed away in a car accident and it’s been years until seeing each other again. But there’s no way he would be interested in her. He is too busy with work and being a single dad. They help doing Christmas project where they spends a ton of time together. But her mom always tries to throw other single men at her or people mention Leo’s late wife.
I loved the family history as the stories progressed. It makes me wonder more what my ancestors lives were like.

By Leslie_G

I love books and anything bookish!

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