My Top 10 Reads of 2020!

1. The Way of Kings

I’ve read the Mistborn series and Elantris and Warbreaker from Sanderson and my husband devours every book of his. So when my husband, very much a non reader tells me to read a book – I take it seriously and so far his recs haven’t disappointed. And neither has this beastly book!

I know I’m late in the game to start this book, it’s size was intimidating and I knew I could read a lot of smaller books in the same time. But if you’ve been putting it off for these same reasons – don’t!

Sanderson’s genius of world building and magic systems is unparalleled and how he masterly weaves multiple plot lines is insane. Leaving much of the last 200+ pages nonstop reading.

2. The House in the Cerulean Sea

I recently reviewed it but the whimsical and wit plus love and compassion is so heartwarming and just what we need! Be brave like Sal, excited like Chauncey, giving like Linus (it’s okay if you lose a button or two) and be playful like Lucy!

3. Forget Me Not

This long awaited book did NOT disappoint! We got to see the Jonquil family parents – Lucas and Julia in their not so happy arranged marriage. But if you’ve read Eden’s Jonquil series (there’s a lot) then you’ve heard stories of their loving father. So I don’t think anyone expected their marriage to start like this! Plus you got to meet Lucas’ friends, the Gents, which will each have their own story.

4. A Proper Charade

This book is fun and flirty and thriving! 😉😉😎😎 And a perfect read for the new year!
Patience has made a goal to better herself – plus her annoying older brother said she couldn’t so…she’s got to prove him as much as herself that she can. 👊🏼

5. American Royals

I saw this going around the ‘gram and knew I had to read it and see what was up! I loved the idea of what if the US had kings and queens. McGee thoughtfully went through US history and made little changes. I love that kind of thinking especially with how the world evolves.

6. I’ve Got Your Number

This isn’t a new read. But like rearward number 5? I seriously can’t go a year without reading a Sophie Kinsella book! They’re fun, relatable and always a fresh breath of air. I’ve Got Your Number has a fun plot where an enemies to lovers share a phone.

7. Brass Carriages and Glass Hearts

I’ve loved Nancy Campbell Allen’s steampunk fairy tale retelling series. This one is my favorite in the series and is a Cinderella retelling. There’s mention of the classic bits but new and unique ones too. Plus it opened up a whole new genre to me! I need to look up more steampunk.

8. Lakeshire Park

This new debut author is quickly making a name for herself with the Proper Romance line. Two sisters will soon be destitute and homeless when a last ditch effort to save themselves lands then at a house party. Amelia needs to make sure her younger sister catches the attention of their host. Only they have competition. Another but fantastically done enemies to lovers.

9. The Last Word

This was such a fun book! Lucinda’s favorite author dies before completing the serial. So Lucinda is on a mad dash to find who might know the rest of the story. Her friend David follows along reluctantly. This is based off of the authoress Elizabeth Gaskell and how she dies before completing “Wives and Daughters”

10. Miracle Creek Christmas

This is a contemporary Christmas story which is new for the Proper Romance line but Krista Jensen has it all – Christmas small town feel, love and hope, forgiveness! This sweet story is more than its characters. There is a lot of repressed grief for Mark Rivers. As a firefighter he proudly does his job to save lives. A bad burn on his face isn’t the only thing scar he has. When the new art teacher moves in, she sees the man and not the burn. Something even Mark isn’t able to do.

These are all books worthy of rereads, can’t put it down – must buy the sequel and any other work this author produces. I hope it gave you some ideas for your tbr. Mine is always out of control and it was so hard picking only 10! But I’ll try to do more compilation posts of books than just a single review post.

Thanks for following along! Happy New Year!

By Leslie_G

I love books and anything bookish!

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