“His Stand-In Holiday Girlfriend”

Indie published 2019

This was such a great novella to put you in the Christmas spirit!
Ellie is starting a new job at an architecture firm as an intern. It’s not off to the best start, after getting coffees for everyone she takes a sip of her tea but spits out hot coffee…in the middle of an important meeting with the CEO. The smug guy who’s drink she had just smiles.
Brady is going insane. They’re an architecture firm but his boss wants the design team to plan a Christmas party. Excuse gala – as if that make any difference. He doesn’t want to waste time on a party and he’d rather head other projects especially ones without his crazy ex-girlfriend Monica. Unfortunately the gala will be at the museum where she works. Monica has tried to flirt and get his attention but he doesn’t want to get back together but their on and off again relationship proves otherwise. His friend suggests a fake relationship to throw Monica off his scent and Brady asks the new intern for help.
This was a sweet Christmas story. It screams Hallmark and I loved it! I couldn’t put it down. We need the movie version! I wish it were longer. This is the first book in Kasey’s contemporary Christmas stories but I don’t think they’re connected so we wouldn’t be able to see other characters. Kayla needs her story too!

By Leslie_G

I love books and anything bookish!

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