“The House in The Cerulean Sea”

I saw this on the ‘gram and was interested in it. Hearing it described as 1984 + Umbrella Academy was definitely a plus. In fact I gifted it to my husband (a non reader) and he LOVED it and urged me to read it.
I will say this is NOTHING like Umbrella Academy (I get it the home of magical creatures part with Lucifer but that’s about it). Completely didn’t tone. This reminded me of Good Omens. It was funny, whimsical and quirky.
Linus Baker has never done anything out of like. He’s always polite and says he’s sorry. He goes to work – which is very important- and brings the book of regulations with him. He follows it to a T. When he gets home, he feeds his cat and listens to music. That’s it sad and lonely life of a round 40 year old man. No family or friends. But he doesn’t think he’s unhappy – that’s just how it is.
He is asked to do a Level Four Clearance assignment at work for a month far away. He can’t look at the files of the magical creatures until he gets there and the top file is about Lucifer, the Antichrist. Linus passes out.
When he comes to – he’ll discover nothing is as it seems. I loved every single character! It was slightly predictable but charming and heartwarming. This dealt with prejudice, being different, being brave, what makes a family, where we belong. This included a very sweet and clean LBGT romance.

By Leslie_G

I love books and anything bookish!

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