“A Hopeful Christmas”

Published by Covenant Communications Oct 2020

This is a wonderful collection of Regency Christmas novellas. Hope, miracles and love can transform anyone but it seems especially magical at Christmas.

Each of these authors are well versed in the Regency world.

-Lord Blakely’s Gift by Anneka Walker – Ivy’s father refuses to visit his mother and his ancestral home because of a fall out from something. Ivy doesn’t know the particulars and she loves Christmas at home but she sacrifices her beloved holiday at home to visit her sickly grandmother, who isn’t long for the world. Ivy comes across a handsome gentleman when she falls into mud…, a Lord B, but learns it is Lord Blakely and that they can’t be friends. A little Romeo and Juliet storyline.

-A Season IG Hope by Sian Ann Bessy – Amelia’s mother and young brother have fallen on hard times since her father, the local vicar, passed away. It doesn’t help that their goat escapes and fancies Mr. Cunningham’s dress shirts. He sends a missive that they need to reimburse him in full by Christmas, an impossible task. Mr. Cunningham’s son returns after years away and has fond memories of Amelia’s family. He sets out to help them improve their circumstances.

-Christmas By The Sea by Carla Kelly – this was interesting as it was from the POV of a married man. He’s away at sea for years and returns early. He’s a stranger to his children and gets a black eye by his 2 yr old daughter 😅 They all have to reacquaint themselves. Troublesome relatives, an impending move and a stranger with a touch of magic fill their holiday season.

-Expectations at Canterwood by Krista Lynne Jensen – Marina travels with her family to a house party with expectations to attend to Lieutenant Stanhope. Only he’s round, old and apparently married…as she’s cursing her misfortunes in the garden she gets caught in a branch and a stable hand overhears. Only it turns out he isn’t a stable hand.

Of the stories, I think Jensen’s was my favorite.

By Leslie_G

I love books and anything bookish!

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