Happy National Author’s Day

Happy National Author’s day! I feel so blessed to follow and come to know so many authors that I can call them friends. They are so kind and giving. So go show an author some love!!
Here’s how!
☑️ Buy their book! If paperback is too much you can buy an ebook.
☑️ Review their book! Don’t just give a star rating. At multiple sites too if you’re an over-achiever 😉
☑️ Read their books in Kindle Unlimited! They get paid for page reads and seriously KU is such a great cost effective way to read books without storing them all! 😅
☑️ Follow them on social media and sign up for their newsletter!
☑️ Did you know that you can have your local library buy books? Ask for the library to buy their book. That may seem counter-intuitive but as other patrons check out the book it can lead to more book sales later.
For old and new authors they need help getting their name out there! And for any new book it’s like starting over. The stress, the anxiety, wondering how well it’s received. YOU can help them!
So if you love an author’s works and want to see more- show them some love! And if you really want to make an author’s day, share their book to a friend or find a new author to read and follow.
Tell me what’s one thing you did today to show an author some love?
For those curious these are the tagged authors in this pic:

By Leslie_G

I love books and anything bookish!

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