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“A Touch of Death”

This is not my normal read but it sounded interesting from the blurb.
It starts off with a man in prison getting beaten. You find out it’s one of the main characters Nate and he’s with Catherine (Nate’s little brother’s girlfriend) and she’s trying to bring Nate home. But bad weather, trying to escape guards and roaming uninhabited territory they seek shelter in an old lab and get infected with a mutant disease. Touching others burns them but Nate and Catherine can heal each other.
Catherine wants to go to the drs in town because that’s what a normal person does but Nate fears going back to prison. They flee and have been on the run since. Not knowing who they can trust and they’re stuck together because only they can heal and touch each other. Catherine hates Nate by the way. I loved Nate and his personality and how strong he was, even with the disease slowly killing him.
It took me a while to get an understanding of the world, there was some kind of plague and wars. Humans lived below ground for hundreds of years. They have hover cars and other tech.
I have to read the next one to see what happens! I received the book from the author for a review. Rebecca is so kind and knowing it isn’t my typical read even said it was okay if I didn’t finish reading but I don’t see that happening as it’s action-packed right from the very beginning! If you like dystopian fantasy you’ll really like it. I did and I read 95% historical fiction. 😉

There’s a subplot of romance. In the kingdom, you are matched, and they call it ‘Complement’, (which I thought was sweet). Catherine’s complemented to Nate’s brother but he dies trying to help them. Subtle enemies to lovers and unrequited love which I definitely have to see what happens in the other books especially how this book ended! I didn’t expect that and let’s be honest I don’t read a lot of fantasy and I knew anything could happen. I was pleasantly surprised that I got the rest of it wrong ☺️

Mention – there is language, strong use of smoking and alcohol.


By Leslie_G

I love books and anything bookish!

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