“The Cottage By Coniston”

I loved this book! Perfect read for fall!!

Enemies to lovers + flying chickens + great clean romance!

Amy has a problem – she’s too forward that she’s run off two gentlemen and each time her embarrassment is ten fold. This time causing her to want to flee Bath and the rumors that follow her. She doesn’t know what she’s doing wrong and looks to her brother for dating advice.

Her family travels to the Lake District (first time reading a book set there!) and upon arrival the rented home is in abysmal shape. Frustration and confusion overtakes Amy as she tries to find the owner only to have a chicken fly into her face – not quite the welcome wagon she expected. Not the handsome man at the end of the chicken but she’s determined to dislike him.

William thought he finally had time to repair the manor and to work on his never ending to-do since taking control but surprise tenets show up and a young lady quick to complain doesn’t endear him to her. He can’t wait for Charity to return.

Hathaway has such a way with words. I loved the imagery, I felt like I was there and I loved the similes she used too. I don’t know why but those really stuck out at me. And the sweet romance was so good!! Definitely needed the epilogue to tie up loose ends. This had a bit of everything to it! Enemies to lovers, love triangle, wit and humor and tempting almost kisses in the rain.

I definitely need to read more of her books! This is part of a multi author series but each book can be read out of order – no connecting stories or characters.

By Leslie_G

I love books and anything bookish!

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