“The Last Eligible Bachelor”

This was a fun idea for a book- like a Regency Bachelor show plus secret identity/goose girl and forbidden love.

Great romance and characters. Tillie was once a lady but with her father in prison, she goes down the society ladder and is a lady’s maid. This drop of station could be worse. She gets to work by her mother and she is kind of friends with the family she works for.

The lady she serves, Miss Sophia detests the idea of attending a matchmaking house party and sends Tillie in her place. Tillie is opposed to the idea from the start but is told to blend in and be invisible. Although when she first enters the drawing room as “Miss Sedgwick” she runs into the maid with the tea tray and creates the opposite of invisibility. 😅

Mr. Hill agreed to the matchmaking scheme with the end goal of marrying none of them. But there’s something different about Miss Sedgwick – never mind she can be found covered in tea or mud. Poor Tillie for the messes she found herself in.

Perfect HEA. The Sweet Regency Authors on Facebook choose this as the book club book this month and interviewed the author. Watching the video reminded me of this book and how I posted it to IG but not my blog! I totally recommend the Seasons of Change series. Each has been fantastic! Sorry I’m posting them all out of order 😬

Here’s the blurb:

By Leslie_G

I love books and anything bookish!

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