“The Last Word”

I really enjoyed this debut Victorian historical from Hastings.

Lucinda finished attending finishing school and is ready to go back to real life – help her father with the ledgers from his countinghouse, read her favorite serial book (it comes chapter by chapter in a magazine) but she is denied both.

Lucinda is a stubborn -strong- young woman who is capable so she doesn’t wait for men to tell her what she can or can’t do. She sets out to find out the ending to her favorite story, never mind that the author died, she’s determined to track down anyone who met the woman for an idea of the ending. But Lucinda realizes the shortcomings of society and that it’s a man’s world so she gets her old childhood friend David to help her. Although he doesn’t know it’s by her own wishes. He believed her lie that it was the wish of his business partner, her father.

We follow them on the goose chase and Lucinda while needing David’s help at the present, doesn’t want his help because he’s reason she was sent away.

I wondered if they were ever going to know the real ending and partly I’m disappointed they found it at all, I liked to think of them figuring out themselves, but I am happy with the ending the found. I think it was a powerful message that women at that time needed for directing their own lives.

This book involved overcoming mistakes and prejudices, standing up for yourself and being your true self.

It was interesting to learn how this book was published by Swoon Reads, I guess it’s voted and people liked it enough to be printed? That’s pretty cool although I do wish this book had a little more swoony romance but I liked all the historical pieces.

By Leslie_G

I love books and anything bookish!


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