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“The Invention of Sophie Carter”

Loved the book “The Invention of Sophie Carter”. It was described as a Victorian “Parent Trap” with identical twins switching places. 😁

Sophie and Mariah Carter are orphaned twins living off the kindness -scratch that- ness of others. They were put to work at a young age and never had much affection except for each other. Sophie worked in a clock shop and wants to be an inventor. She hears about the “Great Expedition” where new inventions are shown and writes to her aunt to see if she would take her in -even though years ago this aunt wouldn’t. Surprisingly she agrees but only one twin, Sophie, can go.

They both go to London and take turns being Sophie Carter. It gets confusing for the gentlemen who they encounter too. 🙈

The extra goodies were if you pre-ordered the book and I love the illustration of the twins. Mariah is in white and Sophie is in black.

I liked how self-assure Sophie was with the direction of her life. I think she’s the kind of person who would never sit still – always doing something. Mariah went through the motions and did her best to please others and do what was asked. Now she finally could decide what she wanted to do.

I kind of hoped for more mixed up twin hijinx fun. You can tell that the author did great research about how clocks work naming all the parts, it was starting to get to be too much since I couldn’t relate to that and seemed a hindrance to name it all. The plot was predictable but enjoyable. The book seemed to focus on Sophie more and maybe that’s because she was the allowed twin to be there. Mariah grew somewhat but I would’ve liked to have seen more growth where she says more what she thinks.

I loved Samantha’s first book “The Last Word” and I think she’ll be a new auto-buy author 😁 and she’s coming out with a Christmas book too!! Pre-order it and she has bookish swag to go with that. 👏🏻👏🏻


By Leslie_G

I love books and anything bookish!

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