“Yours Truly, Thomas”

So this book is what kickstarted my bookstagram account last year. She got her publisher, Revell, to send me a book for review as an influencer. And I know it’s super corny and lame but that made me feel so cool! At this point I was using Net Galley and starting to review a lot of books but didn’t have an official place to put them. I would post reviews on my private IG but if you’re not a friend that’s following then you can’t see the review. So I don’t know how helpful those reviews were 🤷🏻‍♀️

Anyway to the book! I loved Rachel’s debut novel, The Hope of Azure Springs, and was blown away by this book! So much emotion and pain plagued Thomas and Penny.

Penny works at the Dead Letter Office, where letters that can’t be delivered go and providence hands her Thomas’ love letter to Clara. Thomas is heading west trying to run from his past. This was a brand new concept to me that I had never heard of and then to learn that Rachel researched it and went to one in DC was so cool! I love original ideas in books and learning bits of history.

I love Penny’s stubborn drive to not let go, she finds herself at Azure Springs, determined to meet Thomas. Their meet cute was so fun! And every time they’re together, I just loved them more! From chasing adorable Honey, Penny’s fuzzball of a dog, to stealing pie. (Hence my picture of the book with pie ☺️) Their friendship felt real and authentic.

With the help of characters from the 1st novel, although this is a stand-alone, the two find themselves either pushed together, thanks Margaret! or solving a mystery. And Penny, the dreamer, loves stories and solving mysteries thanks to her time at the Dead Letter Office.

The pacing was perfect as well as the writing. I couldn’t put the book down and didn’t want it to end! I loved the edition of letters in the book and it made me remember that receiving a letter is a special gift! Especially nowadays when we can send digital letters, but it doesn’t have the same feel to it. The cover is gorgeous and draws the eye. I received a copy of this book from the publisher and these are my own thoughts but I know you’ll love it!

It was so fun stopping by Azure Springs again and while I haven’t mailed letters per se during this crazy pandemic time I’ve found myself at the post office mailing packages more than ever which I think it’s more fun. Right? I even sent one to England to a friend!

When was the last time you mailed a letter in the mail? Cards totally count too!

By Leslie_G

I love books and anything bookish!

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