“The Hope of Azure Springs”

This debut novel by Rachel Fordham (who is awesome! Go follow her on social media. She is such a kind kindred spirit and has an amazingly large heart and fosters. Plus she’s my BFF’s sister and now my friend!) ☺️ She is always so positive and when she heard I was writing a book (not that I’ve done anything with it) she continually checks in and sees how I’m doing and a fantastic cheerleader.

Okay so now that I’ve covered Rachel is an amazing human – let’s chat books!! Her third book comes out in 2 days and we’ll do a countdown to it! Plus some fun mixed in along the way.

This book takes place in Iowa during the 1880s. In a quiet little town, Sheriff Caleb Reynolds heads that a young woman’s body shows up and there’s a bullet wound. It’s his job to figure out who did this and to keep the town safe. Once the woman awakens, they learn her name is Em and Caleb and Em work together to figure out what’s going on.

Em hasn’t had a home in a long time, she’s determined to get back to her sister Lucy before they were split up. She has no plans to stay in the small town of Azure Springs. The handsome sheriff couldn’t possibly like her, she’s too thin and plain.

Fordham does a beautiful job creating characters that you love. Em is so strong and has endured so much. I love the part about how we can be answers to each other’s prayers. Em likes to tell stories and she never wants to be a burden. Once she’s able she finds work at the boarding house with Margaret and how can you not love Margaret! She’s an independent woman who is slightly nutty and bold but she tells the truth and is a great friend.

Caleb drove me a little crazy as he was getting over his own pain, he was confused about what he wanted for his life and what it should look like. But he was ever brave and the gentleman.

Fordham added plenty of sweet moments that make you laugh, smile and tear up! Plus the epilogue is so perfect that you’re completely satisfied. Wonderful Christian fiction novel. You can find it anywhere – Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, etc.

Here’s the book blurb.

By Leslie_G

I love books and anything bookish!

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