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Edenbrooke novel plus Marianne and Philip peg dolls.

Where to start with this book?! This book came out way back in 2012 and I heard from a few friends who lived in Utah that they loved it and got it at Costco. I eagerly looked at mine but being in WA – no such luck. Eventually I got it and when my husband and I had a weekend getaway I read it in 2 days! I couldn’t put it down!!

This book was my first Regency book that I had read. I had watched Pride and Prejudice plenty of times but at this point, I never took the time to read it. I loved how Marianne broke the mold of what an elegant proper young lady should be like. She liked to twirl and didn’t let falling into mud stop her from doing it further.

This was Julianne Donaldson’s debut novel and she does such a great job creating characters with personalities, descriptions (I know I want to stay clear of Mr. Whittles!) and character growth. I could relate to Marianne, she doesn’t want to be a burden and she loves others so much she puts their needs or wants before her own.

How can you not love Philip? His teasing and challenging Marianne – that song at the inn! He’s a perfect hero while trying to be a gentleman even if there’s a woman who drives him to distraction.

This book has lead me to other wonderful Regency romances and it’s like main genre I read. I just love it so much! To dream of being a fancy lady wearing a pretty dress at a ball. Don’t worry I have a healthy dose of what reality must’ve been like – that ballroom would be smelly and hot and humid. Honestly I would’ve hated it 😂

I have painted a scene from this book but I don’t know if I still have it. But I did the peg dolls. And I made a book quiz for it that even Julianne had on her website. I’ll post the quiz soon.

I used to write a tally mark at the back of the book for every time I read it. I got to 11 but then I had the ebook and the hardcover and somehow with all those I stopped keeping track but if it’s been a while or if you haven’t read it yet – I encourage you to do so!

Here’s my watercolor from 2014. Thankfully my painting skills have improved somewhat 😅😅 I’ll need to paint that scene again.


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