Edenbrooke Book Quiz

Edenbrooke Quiz

1. Which wasn’t part of the ‘lethal combination’ that Philip declared after hearing of Mr.Whittles?
A. Wet mouth
B. Sweaty shiny face
C. Creaky corset
D. Twice the age

2. Mr. Beaufort has his hair done in which style?
A. “Frightened Owl”
B. Bedford Crop
C. Brummell style
D. Caesar Cut

3. What does Philip say is the easiest work he’s ever done and the most enjoyable?
A. Managing the estate
B. Horse racing
C. Making Marianne blush
D. Stealing the hearts of women he had no intention of keeping.

4. What color is the gown Marianne wears the night of ball at the Assembly Room?
A. White
B. Green
C. Pink
D. Blue

5. What flower does Cecily smell like?
A. Lilacs
B. Roses
C. Lilies
D. Orchid

6. Who does Cecily wish to marry?
A. Sir Charles
B. Philip
C. Mr. Beaufort
D. Mr. Kellet

7. How does Marianne encourage Philip?
A. Accept a compliment
B. Touch his arm
C. Laugh at everything he says
D. Smile demurely

8. What is the name of the nurse?
A. Mrs. Butler
B. Ms. Nutley
C. Mrs. Nutley
D. Ms. Cutley

9. A gentle _ would never have able to keep up with Philip.
A. Horse
B. Ladybug
C. Butterfly
D. Mare

10. Which is not a name of the cows mentioned when Marianne is pretending to be a milkmaid?
A. Annabelle
B. Betsy
C. Ginger
D. Bessie

11. Which word does Marianne call Philip the least amount?
A. Hateful
B. Scandalous
C. Inappropriate
D. Odious

12. Which is Marianne’s pet name to her family?
A. Annie
B. Anne
C. Mary
D. Moon

13. Which species did Mr. Clumpett not mention in the book?
A. Jungle Bush-Quail
B. Beetle
C. Indian Giant Squirrel
D. Indian rhinoceros

14. Who was the epitome of a wealthy, elegant young lady?
A. Mrs. Clumpett
B. Cecily
C. Miss Grace
D. Louisa

15. Which books interested Philip’s father?
A. Philosophy
B. History
C. Mythology
D. Poetry

16. What is the name of the inn that Marianne stops at twice?
A. King’s Crown
B. Red Lion
C. White Horse
D. Rose and Crown

17. Rowton, Philip’s horse, is what breed?
A. Godolphin
B. Brandenburger
C. Anglo-Arabian
D. Italian Trotter

18. Both Mrs. Clumpett and Marianne were cursed with what?
A. Being the youngest
B. No figure
C. Having beautiful sisters
D. Not what society calls elegant or accomplished

Answers: 1.B, 2.C, 3.C, 4.B , 5.A, 6.B, 7.A, 8. B,

9.D, 10.B, 11.D. 12.A, 13.C, 14.C, 15.A, 16.D, 17.A,


I’d love to know how you did. Originally, when I sent this to Julianne there were 30 questions 😱😱 I like taking fun little quizzes but that was tipping to the point of no fun! As it is, I could still probably cut more questions out 😅

How did you do? Post your score in the comments!!

By Leslie_G

I love books and anything bookish!

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