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“Forget Me Not”

“Forget Me Not” by Sarah M Eden

I love when books inspire me to paint!

I love the Jonquil Family series with Philip as the oldest son to lead them (Regency) and this new series about the Jonquil parents (we love Mater but never got to know the father). This new era – Georgian takes place in the 1780s and was so fun to get little bits of information and how the times were different.
For starters – arranged marriages were the norm – as well as powdered hair. Just thinking about all that powder makes me cough but our heroine in the story, Julia, hates having her hair powdered.
Julia grew up near the Jonquil family, their siblings played together often and she and Lucas, although he’s 8 years older than her, would mostly let her play along. But sadly Julia and Lucas lost all their playmates as their siblings passed away leaving the two of them. At that time, Lucas was a man and left to take care of an estate. Leaving Julia.
Sadly Julia was resolved to being left and forgotten and was isolated for many years. Sarah M. Eden is an amazing crafter as she weaves emotion into her words. I truly felt heartbroken for Julia.
And then her dad forces her into an arranged marriage with Lucas, who she hasn’t seen or heard from for 8 years. He was unexpectedly thrown by the surprise marriage too and he only saw Julia as a weight that cramped his bachelor traveling lifestyle.
Could they ever be friends again or dare to love each other? Lucas’ friends known as “The Gents” come to help their sorry friend as he muddles through his new marriage. The Gents are a group of 6 friends who went to school together and travel. This new series will follow the group along and each had a distinctive personality proving it’ll be a fantastic series.

I love the interwoven stories and the world that Eden has crafted so well. It leaves readers completely satisfied, a little teary-eyed, and wanting to immediately pickup the book and start again.
The character development was authentic and both Julia and Lucas had to overcome their problems. Lucas’ enthusiasm for life unexpectedly hindered those he left behind. Julia learned to love someone meant you could lose them as her siblings and mother died. Loving Lucas could mean he could hurt her again and leave her. They both hand to learn to trust each other and the Gents helped bridge that gap.
If after all this you still couldn’t tell – I loved this book! The cover is beautiful and I can’t wait to read the other Gents stories. Sarah M Eden is an auto-buy author because I have failed to dislike any of her books and I love how the characters are connected. But you can read them as stand-alone but who could stop at just one?!
This book releases the beginning of September and thank you to Covenant and Wholesome Romance for an arc ebook to read before release. You’ll want to read this!

Watercolor painting of Julia and Lucas meeting a little boy. Painted by me!

By Leslie_G

I love books and anything bookish!


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